Photography Archive

I write about photography a fair bit and wanted to make these posts easier to find without the effort of making a separate page as I started to do with recipes. WordPress display posts short code came to the rescue.

  • Can an iPhone 11 Shoot Raw? (5/22/2023) - Have you ever wished you could shoot RAW with an iPhone? Well, Lux's Halide Camera App lets you do just that with any recent iPhone.
  • Taming the Photo Image Catalog Problem (4/22/2023) - Ever have trouble finding a photograph? Ever wished you had a tool to set IPTC data while importing? Ever use multiple photo managers and editors? I have. Want to bring order to the chaos? I do. I found a thing. It is CYME's PeakTo. I'll tell you about it.
  • Luminar Neo HDR (8/6/2022) - Skylum has developed an HDR image processor as a Luminar Neo HDR plugin. It's magical. It can render Rocky correctly. It finds detail in low contrast images. And produces natural results!
  • Apple Photos Gripe (7/9/2022) - Who would ever think that Photos App should abandon an edit in progress to import photos from a device using iCloud Photo library with Keep originals on MacOS? Somebody did. Edits were lost and had to be recreated.
  • Mylio Photos (6/26/2022) - Photo storage reimagined. Mylio offers photo management as a service solving a number of mixed environment and multi-camera problems. Do you know where your originals are? Are they safe? With Mylio, yes.
  • Skylum Luminar Neo is Here (3/26/2022) - Skylum has released its latest version of Luminar, its intelligent photo editor. Neo adds layers, updates the UI, presets are smarter, and tools more refined.
  • Skylum Luminar Product Family (11/29/2021) - Photography at Dismal Manor largely supports the Greyhound's Twitter habit. Images illustrate daily life tweets and replies to those we follow. We aim to highlight greyhounds in the retired companion role in hopes that more consider them as a next dog.
  • Mister Fancy Pants (6/15/2020) - A quick Rocky update and some fun with Apple iOS 13 Clips App with Twitter friends
  • The Moocher’s new camera (4/28/2018) - After several years of life with the Sony Alpha 65, the moocher felt it was time for a new lens. So off to Imaging Resource to see what was happening in the digital imaging world. As I was shopping for the Alpha 65, Sony had just introduced its NEX line of cameras. The Alpha series […]
  • Is there a real camera in your future? (3/29/2017) - Recently, a friend asked her social media peeps for camera recommendations for a first camera that is not a point and shoot. Her expected uses are garden macrophotography, the occasional photo of the moon, and urban/country trekking photography, including wildlife photography (BellaBob?). And of course, photographing her photogenic dogs when a phone camera just won’t […]