Why I Began Blogging

When I started this blog, I did so with the intent of making it easy for my extended family to keep up with me. My extended family is large and scattered. Dad had six siblings and Mom fifteen. I have countless cousins and they now have children and soon, grandchildren. Before Facebook, I started Random Walks at iWeb.mac.com/davehamby to keep in touch with everyone. I find Facebook useful for quick broadcast notes but deep thought requires a more expressive forum such as WordPress.com.

Why Retired Moocher?

We have Mitt Romney and the Republicans to thank for the title. It took it to spite the Republicans and the horse poo spewed by the likes of Fox News. The Republican Party has shown a complete lack of understanding of the United States economy, the income required to live independently in the United States, and the income distribution in the United States economy.

The sad thing is that the Republican Party is disrespectful of its own members. Median personal income is about $50,000/year. Twentieth percentile income is about $25,000 per year. To live independently requires $30,000 per year for the first member of a household and about $10,000 per year for each additional member. At this level, the household has no economic security. They are unable to save for retirement or emergencies such as illness or a break in employment. To be economically secure requires an income of $40,000 for the head of household.

As you can see, most single head of household families are struggling to get by. A significant fraction of dual head of household families are also struggling. And this struggle is color blind and age blind. The Republicans continually advocate policies that disadvantage the  majority of their supporters who skew older, white, and male.

Why Goes Walkabout?

I needed a title for this thing. When I began it, I had no idea what I would write about. As I started writing, I found myself writing about my hobbies, technology, and the activities that keep this retired moocher active and engaged. I have a number of interests.

  • I’m web master for a couple of non-profits to which I belong.
  • I do sound and light for my church
  • I enjoy recorded music and good music reproduction
  • I am an amateur photographer
  • I have retired greyhounds
  • I’m learning to garden
  • I’m learning to cook and to eat properly

My posts are drawn from my experiences in these activities so they can be pretty random. I’ve started using categories and titles to help you find those of interest. If a post is popular, I’ll move it to a static page.

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