Since joining the prestigious ranks of retired moochers, I’ve done a bit of home video system hacking and made a few bad videos of my greyhounds.

  • New Kid On the Block (12/3/2016) - For some time I’ve been wanting to move media serving off of my Mac Mini because the design of the available servers requires the machine to be running and logged in which vastly increases its attack surface. I’d been looking for a number of alternatives, particularly one that was energy efficient, had a low footprint, … Continue reading New Kid On the Block
  • Tablo TV comes to Apple TV 4 (6/28/2016) - References retrieved 28 June 2016. retrieved 28 June 2016. Introduction Shortly after I bought my modern television, the digital one, I decided that dark lord Rupert Murdock had received enough of my money. My first try at cord cutting was to move TiVO from the cable to a new TV antenna. Some time … Continue reading Tablo TV comes to Apple TV 4
  • TabloTV Update (6/16/2016) - A couple of years ago, I wrote about Tablo TV, an off-air DVR product. Since then, TabloTV continues to improve with an Apple TV 4 App in the works (real soon now). TabloTV made firmware updates to support the app but the app is still awaiting release. Plex Plex is a OS independent media server that … Continue reading TabloTV Update
  • Tablo TV One Month On (7/10/2014) - Back in June I took a flyer on brand shiny new gadget TabloTV. TabloTV had been on the market all of two months so there was little more than press releases at the time. To fill a void, I wrote about how one went about setting up and using TabloTV. Where is Tablo Now? Tablo … Continue reading Tablo TV One Month On
  • Tablo TV Arrives (6/12/2014) - I placed my order for a 2 tuner Tablo TV on Sunday afternoon. On Monday, Tablo shipped my unit by USPS from upstate New York. It arrived in Wednesday’s post. While waiting for my Tablo TV to arrive, I did some reading and selected a LaCie Porsche Design portable USB 2/3 disk. References http://www.lacie.comContinue reading Tablo TV Arrives
  • Awaiting Tablo TV (6/9/2014) -   References So What’s a Tablo? Tablo is a new go at an off the air digital video recorder that appears to solve the issues I’ve been having with my EyeTV/HD homeRun combination. SimpleTV and Tablo Functionality Compared Tablo is an off the air only DVR similar to the Silicon Dust Simple.TV. Simple.TV can receive both … Continue reading Awaiting Tablo TV
  • DIY DVR (1/25/2013) - Background I became a TiVO early adopter in 2002 buying a Sony TiVO for use with Cox Cable. Having a couple of greyhounds who needed walked during the evening, I quickly became hooked by the ability to record shows for later viewing and to pause what I was watching when the dogs demanded attention or … Continue reading DIY DVR
  • New DTV Antenna (6/30/2012) - In early June, a local company installed a DTV antenna for me. About 2 weeks later, I discontinued Cox TV service but kept Cox Internet service. The experience was reasonably pleasant and my TV watching not at all affected. After all, how many reruns of Ice Road Truckers and Mythbusters can one watch in a night? There’s … Continue reading New DTV Antenna

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