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A Little Raspberry Pi

Add a Raspberry Pi 400 for concert viewing

I’ve been watching to Mandolin.Com live stream shows during the live music quarantine. My old practice was to AirPlay from an iPad to the lounge AppleTV. I got tired of this (WiFi stalls next to the airport) and decided to eliminate the stuff in the middle. Raspberry Pi Foundation came to the rescue.


I added a RaspberryPi 400 keyboard computer as a TV input. I ordered the kit which included a mouse, SD card with Raspbian, power supply, and mouse. I also have a wireless keyboard with track pad that I can use to set up the show. Audio travels from the TV TOSlink output to the Modius DAC as previously described.


I replaced the Chrome browser with Mozilla Firefox which works quite well but does not support Google’s data acquisition schemes.


  • Buy your tickets at
  • At show time, browse to
  • Scroll down to my shows and click the link to the day’s program
  • Unmute the audio, click play, and wait for the show to start

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