Dogs, not buses. Since 1995 greyhound dogs have been a part of my life. I photograph them, film them, and figure out how to live with them. Their stories follow.

  • New Meal Plan (7/7/2020) - Rocky gets powerful hungry over night. When Rocky wants fed, Rocky gets shouty. Painfully shouty if he’s within a foot or two of your ear. So what can we do to get Mr. Fancy Pants to sleep through the night? Greyhounds for Dummies has plenty about proper feeding but not what to do about a … Continue reading New Meal Plan
  • Mister Fancy Pants (6/15/2020) - A quick Rocky update and some fun with Apple iOS 13 Clips App with Twitter friends
  • Updated Hookworm Protocol (6/3/2020) - Hookworm image courtesy of the NIH Public Health Image Library #5205 and in the public domain. Used by permission. Recently, I wrote about treatment of medication resistant hookworms in former racing greyhounds. Since that article was published, new research has been published and American Animal Hospital Association recommends a new treatment protocol. I’ll describe the … Continue reading Updated Hookworm Protocol
  • Camp Dismal Meal Plan (5/13/2020) - Is Rocky still on track time? Or is he just a manipulative little monster? We're trying to figure out what is going on with the 0400 meal. Because he can apparently. Read to learn how he made the switch to Camp Dismal hours.
  • How big is a greyhound …. (4/17/2020) - Rocky has a new hobby, counter surfing and worktop raiding!
  • Rocky has Hookworms (4/15/2020) - Rocky has hookworms. In the US, hookworms have developed resistance to most of the approved prophylaxis products. This article describes the problem and current treatment protocols.
  • Rapid advancement: Now Rocky the Restless (4/13/2020) - A rogue shows off some of the photos from his first 2 weeks as a companion.
  • Rocky Promoted to Gormless (4/6/2020) - How Nestor became Rocky the Gormless on Twitter and Rocky's first week as a Hound of Dismal Manor.
  • Rocky Arrives (3/31/2020) - "I've come for good" to steal a line from twitter@bonesnorah. I just can't pass up a good pun. Thanks, Norah.
  • Nick 22 May 2006 to 03 December 2019 (12/14/2019) - Dave remembers Lord Nick. It is a myth that "they will let you know". Nick bravely kept on keepin' on until a fall resulted in an irreparable hip injury.

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