Dogs, not buses. Since 1995 greyhound dogs have been a part of my life. I photograph them, film them, and figure out how to live with them. Their stories follow.

  • Rocky Arrives (3/31/2020) - "I've come for good" to steal a line from twitter@bonesnorah. I just can't pass up a good pun. Thanks, Norah.
  • Nick 22 May 2006 to 03 December 2019 (12/14/2019) - Dave remembers Lord Nick. It is a myth that "they will let you know". Nick bravely kept on keepin' on until a fall resulted in an irreparable hip injury.
  • Ruffwear Boots have Arrived (11/28/2019) - This article describes my first experience booting an elderly greyhound having gait issues. The boots control skating feet on hardwoods and tile but Nick presented with friction blisters.
  • Blue Suede Shoes Update (11/20/2019) - Nick adds to his footwear collection in search of assistive footwear that stays on and stays in position. In this article, we review what we have tried and what we are about to try, RuffWear Summit boots.
  • Don’t You Step on My Blue Suede Shoes (11/15/2019) - A brief article about mobility aids for greyhounds. Socks are the winner but we also mention boots and pad mobility and protection waxes
  • Nick’s Hindquarters Weakness update (11/1/2019) - This post reviews management of Nick's weight and arthritis. It also pitches Care of the Racing/Retired Greyhound section on nutrition and feeding for those wanting to feed from scratch.
  • Nick’s Low Back Pain Update 1 (9/30/2019) - This post reviews Nick's low back pain management results and medication changes this summer. Nick became sedated and was slouching to walk. We corrected this by reducing his gabapentin dosage to be consistent with its removal rate.
  • Thoughts on Greyhound Low Back Pain (7/8/2019) - This article presents Dismal Manor's experiences maintaining quality of life for 13 year old Lord Nick who is suffering from low back pain and hip pain. We review the medications used and the results obtained.
  • Moose’s Sight-hound Trust (9/26/2018) - Moose, one of my Twitter buddies, is a disgustingly cute Italian Greyhound (I believe) who has attracted an unseemly number of Twitter followers. Somewhere along the way his minions had the notion to start a Sighthound Welfare Charity in the UK. Being in the UK and (for the moment in the EU) my peeps are … Continue reading Moose’s Sight-hound Trust
  • Hi Crash and Nick are Half-Brothers (4/8/2017) - Back in the winter, I kept a friend’s greyhound while she was on holiday. Crash joined Nick and Missy as their guest. Crash was a perfect gentleman with impeccable manners in the house, in the garden, and on lead. After all, he’s a US racing greyhound and they’re indeed special. Crash enjoyed his stay with … Continue reading Hi Crash and Nick are Half-Brothers

The trials and tribulations of the retired moocher lifestyle

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