Dogs, not buses. Since 1995 greyhound dogs have been a part of my life. I photograph them, film them, and figure out how to live with them. Their stories follow.

  • Nick’s Hindquarters Weakness update (11/1/2019) - This post reviews management of Nick's weight and arthritis. It also pitches Care of the Racing/Retired Greyhound section on nutrition and feeding for those wanting to feed from scratch.
  • Nick’s Low Back Pain Update 1 (9/30/2019) - This post reviews Nick's low back pain management results and medication changes this summer. Nick became sedated and was slouching to walk. We corrected this by reducing his gabapentin dosage to be consistent with its removal rate.
  • Thoughts on Greyhound Low Back Pain (7/8/2019) - This article presents Dismal Manor's experiences maintaining quality of life for 13 year old Lord Nick who is suffering from low back pain and hip pain. We review the medications used and the results obtained.
  • Moose’s Sight-hound Trust (9/26/2018) - Moose, one of my Twitter buddies, is a disgustingly cute Italian Greyhound (I believe) who has attracted an unseemly number of Twitter followers. Somewhere along the way his minions had the notion to start a Sighthound Welfare Charity in the UK. Being in the UK and (for the moment in the EU) my peeps are … Continue reading Moose’s Sight-hound Trust
  • Hi Crash and Nick are Half-Brothers (4/8/2017) - Back in the winter, I kept a friend’s greyhound while she was on holiday. Crash joined Nick and Missy as their guest. Crash was a perfect gentleman with impeccable manners in the house, in the garden, and on lead. After all, he’s a US racing greyhound and they’re indeed special. Crash enjoyed his stay with … Continue reading Hi Crash and Nick are Half-Brothers
  • If you live in a mosquito’s garden by the sea … (7/16/2016) - It’s summer. It’s mosquito season again, and zika and aedes aegypti are upon us. Aedes aegypti is the aggressive gal with the white stripes on the legs that goes after you in broad daylight. And your pets, and it can spread heart worm in addition to zika, equine encephalitis, Nile fever, and a host of … Continue reading If you live in a mosquito’s garden by the sea …
  • Naked Dogs! (7/4/2016) - Back in the ’60s Russel Baker wrote this great column about SINA, the Society for Indecency to Naked Animals whose mission was to make dogs, cats, horses, etc dress in public. It was a send up of newly created PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals who were on the warpath in Washington DC … Continue reading Naked Dogs!
  • Meet Captain SLO (4/25/2016) - Captain SLO is not Top Gear’s former Captain Slow. For one thing, James May has participated in one more race than Nick has. Rather Captain SLO take his nickname from the cause of Nick’s dodgy nails, symmetrical lupoid onychodistrophy. That’s a scary sounding mouthful. This post is about the onset of Nick’s disease in 2011 … Continue reading Meet Captain SLO
  • A few days with TrackR Bravo (12/26/2015) - Bluetooth item trackers are all the rage if the Interwebs are to be believed. These gadgets are dog tag sized devices designed to be tucked into a wallet, stuck to mobile items, or ¬†added to a key ring. They are basically Bluetooth 4 beacon devices that advertise their presence. To be an item tracker, they … Continue reading A few days with TrackR Bravo
  • Got Ya Plus 13 Months (11/13/2015) - I’m late. I meant to write this in October but got distracted by contractors. Missy, Nick and I have been together for 13 months and she’s been an absolute joy. She’s finally felling pretty settled in as indicated by a drop in nervous play, chewing, and funky emissions. She’s still an active goofball but she’s … Continue reading Got Ya Plus 13 Months

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