Dogs, not buses. Since 1995 greyhound dogs have been a part of my life. I photograph them, film them, and figure out how to live with them. Their stories follow.

  • Rocky’s Poorly Paw (5/13/2023) - Kit you need to keep your hound's teeth and wound dressings apart. A quick survey of protective greyhound footwear concludes the post.
  • VW ID.4 life with dogs (4/14/2022) - Car reviews never talk about the reviewed vehicle's suitability as a dog car. Often the reviewer is away from home evaluating a press car. But even when the car comes to them, they overlook dog accommodations.
  • 2021, The year of the snake (12/11/2021) - This is your boring holiday letter of interest to about 3 people in the whole world. If you're one of those, press onward. If not, don't feel bad. This article is a mash-up of this and that.
  • Things I Know (11/12/2021) - In the 20 or so monthsI’ve been a resident of Dismal Manor, I’ve learned quite a bit. I haven’t a clue about sit, down, and stay but I know how to conduct myself for many activities of daily living.
  • Rocky’s 2021 Reunion (10/4/2021) - James River Greyhounds, our Eastern Virginia greyhound adoption charity held its 2021 picnic in early October. JRG placed a record 166 greyhounds in 2020. Including me.
  • Rocky’s First Beach Visit (9/27/2021) - Rocky and Missy take DW to the beach. It was Rocky's first visit and possibly his first close encounters of the third kind with children. We all survived.
  • They’re Back, Daddy (6/11/2021) - Hookworms are tough little buggers having the ability to remain dormant in the intestine long after apparently successful treatment as indicated by 3 clean monthly fecal egg count tests.
  • “I came for good” (5/5/2021) - "I came for good" I like that. It's punny. but I must attribute it to Ms bonesnorah@twitter. Although I ran well and knew all my track knowledge, I knew nothing about living in a home with a loose dog and loose idiot. Oy Vey
  • Adios, 2020 (12/19/2020) - Adios, 2020. What a year. One for the record books even without the US Presidential Election.
  • Meal Plan 2.0 (8/9/2020) - Former racing greyhounds come with adult size if not with adult brains. They come knowing what they need to make it through work day life. There is much to train but what are they ready to learn as they settle in?