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VW ID.4 life with dogs

Car reviews never talk about the reviewed vehicle’s suitability as a dog car. Often the reviewer is away from home evaluating a press car. But even when the car comes to them, they overlook dog accommodations.

I thought I’d report my experiences taking the greyhounds on outings in the ID.4. Additional room for Rocky was a significant motivation in retiring the Mk 7 GTI DSG. Almost no reviewers show their dogs in the vehicles they review or comment on suitability of a vehicle to haul big dogs so I thought I’d do that with the VW ID.4


Both Missy (working on 11) and Rocky (almost 6) walk into the rear and make a right turn up onto the bench seat. Both can hop up onto the boot load deck. I flip the boot blanket down over the threshold so they don’t slip on it while boarding then flip it up to shut the hatch.

The boot/wayback from left quarter

Older dogs (Missy is getting there) should be lifted aboard. I had one suffer an injury while boarding the Audi Avant’s boot late in life. A missed jump jack-knifed the back legs rupturing a hip joint capsule.

To jump into the rear Missy needs to be back about half a length to get some good rear leg drive into the boot. She usually jumps in at about a 45 degree angle to the center line. This gives here a bit more room to jump and a bit more room to stick the landing. I roll the Orvis mat down to cover the hard plastic threshold which she finds slippery. With the flap down, a paw stays put making the entrance safer.

Soon, I’ll be loading her in the boot or letting her take the second row where she can walk in. They’ll walk in if you open the door fully. This is a consideration when choosing a parking spot in a car park.


There is plenty of room for either dog in either the 2nd row or the boot. There is plenty of room for one to stand on the floor.

Second Row

Both can fold to take half of the bench seat.

Missy curled up on the loveseat. Rocky can do this also.

The ID.4, like many battery electric vehicles, has a completely flat rear floor. Rocky and Missy just walk right in and easily step up onto the bench seat. VW, a good bench is an important element of a dog car. Put captains chairs back there and it’s trouble!

Sixty-forty bench seats are a good idea. I’ve dropped the 40 section to allow passage between the boot and the 2nd row. Not a regular thing but it gives them opportunity to trade seats while under way.

Dog Opinion

Rocky has decided “shotgun” is not for him. He’s just too big. The dogs usually lay down before we are out of the neighborhood. When they have shared the GTI wayback, they would usually stand until the first stop. This suggests to me that they really appreciate the larger accommodations.


The electric drive like the DSG driven normally is easier on standing dogs than an ICE manual would be. They don’t sway on their feet. In the past I’ve had manuals and have never managed a shift that wouldn’t rock a standing hound.

Cabin Materials

VW Group leatherette has always wiped clean with a soapy rag. I prefer leather or leatherette to cloth as cloth absorbs skin oils into the fibers. With leather or faux leather, the oils remain easily cleanable with a soapy cloth followed by a rinse cloth.

This time around I added Orvis dog quilts to the second row and boot. The dogs seem to like these as they are less slippery than the leathers. The blue things are Chuckit picnic mats. These stuff into a stuff sack for schlepping to an outing.

Preferred Seating

In the GTI, Rocky would stand with his head over my left shoulder. In the ID.4, he seems to prefer the 2nd row but seems equally happy in the boot. I think Missy likes the boot better as she is a bit of a nervous Nellie while traveling.

How Big is a Greyhound?

How big is a greyhound? Supper is at eye-level

Missy is 26 inches at the withers and a bit full figured at 74 pounds. Rocky is 29 inches at the withers and 84 pounds. He’s up about 10 pounds from track weight of 77 pounds. At that weight, he was ripped with nice rib presentation and looking very muscular. Both are a good 4 feet long and a stretched out Rocky spans a queen-sized bed or loveseat. They’re big enough that cabin size is a consideration. With two, you really need and estate or hatch to carry them about.

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