Things I Know

In the 20 or so monthsI’ve been a resident of Dismal Manor, I’ve learned quite a bit. I haven’t a clue about sit, down, and stay but I know how to conduct myself for many activities of daily living.

In the 20 or so months I’ve been a resident of Dismal Manor, I’ve learned quite a bit. I haven’t a clue about sit, down, and stay but I know how to conduct myself for many activities of daily living. This post is written primarily as a guide for pet sitters and boarders.

Most of what’s here is standard Dismal Manor greyhound knowledge. Missy knows all the same words but also knows sit, down, and stay, and earned a CGC certificate while she was in foster care.

This post is mostly about me because I’m bigger and greener and Alice Cooper’s I’m Eighteen is my song. Sometimes I’m a boy and sometimes I’m a man.

Words I know

Calm Dog: This is a cue to get me to settle down at doors, leashing up, etc when I’m bouncy and aroused but need to be calm.

Recall: I recall pretty well when there is not game to chase. My recall word is “waffle” 🙂 I recall to “Rocky come” or to a squawker. Listen to the second video.

Kennel: My cue to enter a crate, the car, or the manor.

Trade: Swap something I’m holding at risk for a bribe.

Waffle: I’m crazy for waffles!

Bedtime: Time to settle for bed.

Back to bed: Cue to return to my sleeping post of the night and settle.

Wait: Settle to have a seat and wait for some activity, usually supper.

Having a seat before supper but giving stink eye for delayed meal service

Teeth: Cue to come for tooth brushing and bribe. I’ll make a face so you can brush.

Demonstrating my tooth brushing face

Things I do.

I know my place in bed.

Where I’m supposed to sleep

I’m also practiced in the art of bedtime extortion.

Where I’m not supposed to sleep but do occasionally. Did I tell you I’m a snuggle buddy? I like to be up here but I’m snappy and don’t like getting smacked by a restless sleeper. So bribe me to move to my corner.

Copping some head of the bed time.

I’ll ambush you at 0200 for brekkie. Once fed and back from turnout, I’ll let you sleep in. Missy plays along.

We use these IKEA dog beds as pillows on the somewhat bigger bed. I don’t demolish these. They are comfortable and can be washed with filling inside.

IKEA Lurvid dog cushions make great queen-size pillows.

I’ve learned to wait quietly for my post-meal lickout.

Waiting for my post-meal smidgen

I flush prominently. It is normal to be pink like this, even on a cool evening.

I’m flushed. This is normal.

I have a cot in the lord of the manor’s room. I split my time between manor bed, my cot, and my man cave.

Roached on my cot bed. I’m flushed in this photo.

And In my man cave. The door has not been locked in 16 months.

I can be a big, playful goof ball. Alice Cooper’s “I’m Eighteen” fits me to a Tee. Now I’m mostly a man but I can be a silly boy.

Oh, I can still get some speed on. We’re at reunion doing marshmallow sprints. I was clocked at 35. (Caution: squawker. Your hounds may go crazy)

How big is a greyhound?

I’m this big!

I’m also this big. Dinner table and work tops are subject to inspection and seizure of desirable materials.

At Leapin’ Lizard working on my dining out chops

Oh, did I tell you, chooks (chickens) are scary. A bunch of tough old biddies and a rooster that sounds just plain scary.

Leapin’ Lizard’s chicken coop. Boy that fence looks dodgy.


I’m being treated for a stubborn hookworm infestation. They keep coming back from larva hiding out in the small intestine. Poo typically has 25-100 hookworm eggs per gram so treat as doubly hazardous waste. Pick up and dispose in a closed bin. Wash hands after taking me to the loo.

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