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A New Look and a New URL

I’ve used for the blog since I retired. After using the Dismal Manor story on Twitter for a couple of years, I decided to rebrand the blog to be consistent with the dog’s Twitter presence. So I registered and changed from the 2014 theme to the 2020 theme which works better with the new WordPress block editor and has a cleaner layout on phones, tablets, and large and small home displays.

The blog remains under the management of Retired Moocher Dave, alias, The Dismal Wizard. We call our corner of the 757 the Dismal Regions and our residence is variously Camp Dismal in the summer or Dismal Manor in the winter and during hurricanes and thunderstorms.

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New URL:

The New URL

Today, I finally took the plunge and gave this beast it’s own URL, Those of you having book-marked will find that you are forwarded to Please update your book-marks as Automattic makes no promises about how long the mapping will be maintained.

I registered the domain indirectly via Automattic, the fine folks who make WordPress and operate Automattic still hosts the blog for me. For a simple, no-frills site like this one, it made sense to do it all with Word Press rather than registering separately with EasyDNS at retail. That route would have been a bit more complex and expensive. Word Press with a custom URL is $26/year. There will still be an advert at the bottom and I’m still restricted with respect to theme choice and plug-in choice but the stock 2014 theme and plug-ins meet my needs.

Site changes

New look for 2014

New Look

Retirement gives me some free time to play around with my hobbies so I gave a new look using the WordPress  2014 theme. This themes is designed for magazines rather than for “blogging”. I expect this site will become a scrap book over the coming years so the new theme fits the site’s mission well. I can use the blog for announcements and the pages to share photos, music, and video.

Copyright and License

With the new look comes a copyright statement and Creative Commons License down in the footer. All of the material hosted here is created by me. When sharing material created by others, I’ll do that by link.

Comment Policy

Comments are welcome but moderated and there are rules.

  1. Comments must be relevant
  2. Comments must be relevant
  3. No plugging your commercial interests
  4. Abuse of others will not be tolerated
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  6. Links are frowned upon to protect the naive from drive-bys