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A New Look and a New URL

Retired Moocher Dave blog has a new name and a new look that is easier on the eye and works better with the new block editor. Same cast of characters, same boring content.

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New URL:

The New URL Today, I finally took the plunge and gave this beast it’s own URL, Those of you having book-marked will find that you are forwarded to Please update your book-marks as Automattic makes no promises about how long the mapping will be maintained. I registered the domain indirectly via Automattic, […]

Site changes

New look for 2014

New Look Retirement gives me some free time to play around with my hobbies so I gave a new look using the WordPress  2014 theme. This themes is designed for magazines rather than for “blogging”. I expect this site will become a scrap book over the coming years so the new theme fits the […]