My blog Site changes

A New Look and a New URL

Retired Moocher Dave blog has a new name and a new look that is easier on the eye and works better with the new block editor. Same cast of characters, same boring content.

I’ve used for the blog since I retired. After using the Dismal Manor story on Twitter for a couple of years, I decided to rebrand the blog to be consistent with the dog’s Twitter presence. So I registered and changed from the 2014 theme to the 2020 theme which works better with the new WordPress block editor and has a cleaner layout on phones, tablets, and large and small home displays.

The blog remains under the management of Retired Moocher Dave, alias, The Dismal Wizard. We call our corner of the 757 the Dismal Regions and our residence is variously Camp Dismal in the summer or Dismal Manor in the winter and during hurricanes and thunderstorms.

By davehamby

A modern Merlin, hell bent for glory, he shot the works and nothing worked.