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Volkswagen ID.Software Updates

Been watching European VW ID.Software videos? Finding they tell you nothing about how the update actually happens. Join the crowd!

Finally, straight info from

With the ID.Generation, VW has brought over-the-air updating to key system software of its battery electric vehicles. This process updates the MIB-3 user interface, various electrical control unit software, and importantly, the traction inverter and other important software giving your ID its personality.

Every European car v-logger seems to feel he (it’s almost always a he) should make an ID.Software Version 3 update video. But I’ll bet not a one of them has actually applied an update to an ID.3 or ID.4. Why, because they almost always use a press vehicle to make the video and not their personal daily driver.

So I spent some quality time with the Duck to find this actual page of information from the actual VW folk and not the 10 insanely great ways to update your VW’s software people. You know them. The ones killing the Internet for enthusiasts or just the actually curious. Following the break, the link and some highlights.

Revision History

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  1. Actual VW North American website page. Gospel

Software Update Key Takeaway

The reference is quite good. It shows all of the key screens associated with the arrival and application of an ID.Software update.

Your ID.Software update will arrive automagically. While you are driving about, your ID is communicating with ID.HQ to obtain the update file archive. This only happens while you are driving about (car must be on) and green ID.COMMS light must be on. The ID Comms light is the green one on the mirror and skylight binnacle. Said light is toward the aft end of the control cluster.

If you are out and about on short trips, fear not. The ID.Software transfer process is designed to be interrupted and resumed. Your ID will slowly accrete the file set until it has the whole thing and the locally computed signature matches the reference value. Just like a MacOS update.

When your software update package has arrived, you must initiate installation manually. Availability of the update will appear on the ID.Goodby screen that appears on the console binnacle when you shutdown the vehicle. The same one that can’t tell you that your mobile is still on the charge shelf. The one that doesn’t care if your keys are still in the cup holder.

There are several reasons to start the ID.Software update process manually. First, Volkswagen-Audi Group is not Microsoft. VW won’t update your ID’s software while you’re doing hot laps of the Nuremberg Ring. Tinkering with stability control, traction control, brake anti-lock, and drive parameters while underway is ++UNGOOD.

Second, the vehicle needs to be off the charger. Updating battery charger control laws during a charge can have expensive consequences like burning down the house so VAG is smart enough not to update the battery charger’s brain in mid-charge. This means that the battery must be charged (above 50% per VW) and vehicle unplugged so it is not chatting with your EVSE while the ID’s EVSE communications firmware is being updated. This update includes plug and charge per the ISO standard so EVSE communications will change.

Some Implications of the Reference

First, once the 3 year initial subscription to ID Connect stuff expires, you must have a basic communications subscription in effect to continue to receive ID.Software updates. As important as this is for fleet management, VW may offer basic connectivity for free and leave it to you to subscribe to the other Car Net value-added services. Like navigation support. Good luck with that VW.

Second, actually read the ID.Software goodby screen.

Third, follow the update instructions. It is iPhone-easy. Just do it over night after a battery charge.

Fourth, ID.Update will tie up the vehicle for several hours while it updates each of the electrical control units (ECU).

Fifth, a Car Net account is recommended. Car Net will message you when your update is available. It should also message you when the update is ready for installation.

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