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90 Percent and Holding

The kitchen project is nearly complete but we are at the 90 percent and stalled point. One big task and several small ones remain.

  • Install gutters
  • This requires fixing a goof in the roof deck
  • Install back door dead bolt
  • Install microwave trim kit
  • Install closet rod in laundry area
  • Stain the column
  • Locate or install a shut off valve for the water heater water supply
Dogs' dinner table
Dogs’ dinner table

The featured image is a view down the greyhound gallop. The pantry area includes two granite counters cut from the counter top remnant. One (shown at the above) is set at 18 inches and the second at 36 inches. The first is the dogs’ dinner table. The second is for stashing keys, purse, phones, etc needed on the way out the door. The granite is Saint Cecilia Light.

20150916-IMG_1517To the left facing the door is a laundry and utility alcove that houses the Rinnai tankless water heater and the laundry. The laundry equipment are Whirlpool high efficiency washer and dryer. The dryer is ventless with a heat pump heat source. Surprisingly, it works quite well in “Eco Mode” in which the heat pump supplies all of the drying heat. The dryer has a resistance heater that can be used to supplement the heat pump or by itself. When using the heat pump source, the drying times are longer but energy usage is 1/4 that when just the resistance heater is used. The heat pump cools the air leaving the drum and preheats the air entering the drum. The water condensed out of the air accumulates in a sump and is pumped down to the drain.

Compared to a conventional dryer, the air temperature rises more slowly so the drying times are longer. Because the cycle is closed, no air is taken from the home or discharged to it. The pump heat drives the cycle and the drying air gets normally toasty by cycle’s end.

I have only two gripes.

  • Button labels are low contrast white on gray and are hard to read above head level.
  • The drum rotates only one way so it tends to tangle sheets.

This image below shows the new peninsula and the wet wall cabinets that house the sink and dishwasher.

New open plan kitchen
New open plan kitchen

This image shows the new split bowl sink. This design is wizard simple. I’m surprised that it is a recent innovation. Only one manufacturer offers it so it must be under patent. This idea is so obvious, I’m surprised that it is new. One trick I just discovered is that a normal basket strainer allows the sink to drain into the disposer while keeping objects out.

Split basin sink
Split basin sink

This is the new dining area showing a temporary 4 foot folding table. The new space is about 3 to 4 feet larger than the original allowing a six foot table to be placed parallel to the back wall in the area under the pendant lights. There is still room to use the peninsula as a buffet, snack bar, or kids study area.

New dining area
New dining area

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