Web Hacking

The retired moocher is webmaster for two non-profits: Unitarian Church of Norfolk and ODU Institute for Learning in Retirement. Over the years that I’ve worked as a retired moocher amateur webmaster, I’ve learned a bit about hosting services, content management systems, and the interaction of the two.

Originally, I moved both sites from their legacy implementations to Drupal 7 distribution based sites. As I write this, UCN is moving from Open Outreach Drupal 7 to the Unitarian Universalist Association’s WordPress 4.4 theme for congregations. As Drupal 8 replaces Drupal 7, it is likely that ODUILR will migrate from Drupal to Wild Apricot to allow improved member service.

The posts below describe these two journeys.

Lifestyles of the not so rich and not so famous

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