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  • Gumby is a good gumby (12/29/2018) - I’ll try to avoid the schiit puns as Gungnir Multibit (Gumby) arrived and is settled in my audio rack. Gumby is a good Gumby! Jason Stoddard and Mike Moffat founded Schiit about a decade ago to scratch their audio design itch. Schiit has an unusual philosophy and take on high fidelity audio equipment, that it … Continue reading Gumby is a good gumby
  • Home Networks for Streaming Audio (12/27/2018) - I’ve not written on audio and networking in a while but over the holiday I read Jason Stoddard’s Schiit Happens about his return to the high fidelity equipment industry as co-founder of Schiit, a maker of personal audio and value oriented high end audio. I found the book after I had ordered my Schiit Gungnir … Continue reading Home Networks for Streaming Audio
  • Roon and Tidal (12/18/2018) - About a year ago I installed Roon Audio and began using it without Tidal. In my original configuration, Roon Audio ran in a VM hosted by my FreeNAS storage server. It delivered audio to either an Apple TV or a Google Chromecast Audio. Both were connected to a Cambridge DACmagic converter by TOSlink. For the … Continue reading Roon and Tidal
  • Transferring CDs to FLAC on MacOS moocher style (9/18/2018) - The Moocher is a music collector with a growing CD and record collection. In this article, the moocher describes how he transfers CD to FLAC to play using Roon Labs Roon Player. We’ll look at the motivation behind FLAC, the tools used to turn a CD into FLAC encoded tracks, and how to get the … Continue reading Transferring CDs to FLAC on MacOS moocher style
  • Furman Power Elite 15 PFi Listening Impressions (8/28/2018) - Featured image courtesy of Furman Power. This is the Elite series over-voltage protection board. The Furman Power Elite series of power conditioners features a modular design that easily allows Furman to offer products with differing capabilities. Furman Power offers 3 versions of the Elite 15i The Elite 15i is the base version with series over-voltage … Continue reading Furman Power Elite 15 PFi Listening Impressions
  • Furman Power Elite 15i Impressions (8/18/2018) - Background Although the house has full-house surge protection in the panel, I elect to use a second line of defense for the computers, network electronics, and audio and video systems. In the past, I had used APC power conditioners for this task but another 5 years had passed and it was time for battery replacement. … Continue reading Furman Power Elite 15i Impressions
  • Roon Take 2 (3/21/2018) - Abstract Over the past several months, I fell in love with Roon, its ability to stream my digital music collection in pristine full definition audio, the Allmusic artist and album commentary, and Roon Radio, the ability to play other things from my library like what I had been listening too. Nothing offers this combination of … Continue reading Roon Take 2
  • The Moocher bakes a Raspberry Pi (8/9/2017) - In poking about audio sites, I discovered Roon Labs Roon music server product. Roon is the music server I’ve been looking for for 20 years. Roon Labs has its origins in the Meridian Audio Solooes product over in the UK. This is a highly regarded embed music server organized in proper client server fashion. This … Continue reading The Moocher bakes a Raspberry Pi
  • Introducing Roon Audio (7/22/2017) - I’ve been using Plex as my audio player for a while. Noodling around on the Internet looking Raspberry Pi stuff, I stumbled across HiFiBerry and from there Roon Audio. Roon Labs is a spinoff from Meridian of their multi-room digital audio player. These folks have done something right by starting with a client server open … Continue reading Introducing Roon Audio
  • nVidia Shield TV First Impressions (12/5/2016) - A few days ago, I wrote about setting up an nVidia Sheild TV set top box and configuring Plex Media Server on it. Now that I’ve had a chance to live with it for a few days, I thought it would be appropriate to share my first impressions of this piece of kit. Why nVidia … Continue reading nVidia Shield TV First Impressions

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