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This page is an archive of recent posts about home audio.

  • Modius Mystery (11/9/2021) - Audio system mysteries can take you to some strange places. This post describes troubleshooting a MacOS Monterey USB Audio 2 problem. The issue first presented as a non-functioning SPDIF input on one of our DACS.
  • An Inexpensive Streamer (9/24/2021) - Looking for an inexpensive streamer? The Retired Moocher, in an act of faith, recommends one he has not heard based on trusted reviews and personal experience with a related product.
  • OMG, Apple Music is Good! But not Perfect (6/26/2021) - Apple makes lossless transfer its fixed network delivery standard. On playback, the original Red Book master results. And it is quite good.
  • Apple Music Lossless? (6/11/2021) - Apple Music at Dismal Manor Well it is free. Apple One Premier lets you have any several Apple online services for $30/month. I had TV+, iCLoud 2TB, and News for $30 already so took a bite of the Apple One apple adding Music.
  • M1 iMac Pre-Purchase Planning (5/4/2021) - This post walks through the things to be considered when purchasing an M1 Mac. It covers display, memory, storage, and port planning for audio and video production applications.
  • Roon Core Saga (3/7/2021) - Roon Core Saga Our Roon Core guest OS had not been updated in 2 years. This turned out to be a bit of extra work the guest OS was not a long term support version.
  • Roon Core on a NAS??? (2/28/2021) - This post describes an couple of alternatives to shoehorning Roon Core into a NAS virtual environment. The advent of the 2021 Mac Mini offers a new and attractive alternative.
  • Maggie Extends Her Dismal Manor Visit (2/21/2021) - Maggie has been part of the Dismal Manor Gang for 5 months and is well settled in. Learn how we coaxed her to sing sweetly. Placement, room treatment, some EQ magic, etc. and HD Audio scam rant.
  • Roon with TrueNAS (2/1/2021) - A quick guide to setting up Roon in TrueNAS Virtual Machine and why one might want to do this.
  • Thoughts on Schiit Audio (1/22/2021) - We sure have a lot of Schiit Audio about Dismal Manor. How did it happen? More importantly, why did it happen? Little by little as DW gave the Modi and Magni a try and Ampzilla's death sucked him in.