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  • What to do with My CARES Act stimulus payment? (6/11/2020) - Magnaplanar LRS Stock image courtesy of Magnepan. The CARES Act, in an effort to keep US residents whole during the early days of the SARS-COV2 pandemic, gives each tax payer and social security recipient $650 to spend as they will. Not needing it to make ends meet, I decided to direct my stimulus grant to … Continue reading What to do with My CARES Act stimulus payment?
  • Vidar Invades Camp Dismal (5/19/2020) - Vidar Invades Camp Dismal He came two days early and sounds like Schiit. That is to say, neutral with laser focus and clean, natural articulation. Vidar makes good sources sing sweetly yet will show up mediocre recordings and front end componentss.
  • Ampzilla’s Passing (5/16/2020) - More shit happens at Camp Dismal. Our lounge audio amplifier has failed and repair is more than a DIY effort. This article talks about the selection of a replacement which is en route.
  • Future-Fi (1/1/2020) - A friend asked about getting started in component audio. This article grew out of the replay to his E-mail. In it, we take advantage of 50 years of industry and hobbyist experience to propose a nice contemporary system and explain some of the rational involved.
  • Schiit Pi? (10/3/2019) - What happens if you mash up a Raspberry Pi, Schiit Modi 3, and Schiit Magni, with some Sennheiser HD555 cans? Read to find out.
  • More Schiit — Modi and Magni (10/1/2019) - The Moocher adds Schiit Audio's Modi DAC and Magni headphone amp to the study system. Sennheiser HD555 cans complete this system. The Moocher describes how this rig copes some favored music.
  • Digital Recording of House of Worship Services (6/28/2019) - The Retired Moocher gives practical advice for capturing multi-track service recordings from today's digital mixers. The Moocher's musings are based on Allen & Heath SQ series mixers running 1.4.1 firmware but we're talking best practices so the article is useful with other popular digital mixers.
  • Music Discovery in the 21st Century (4/8/2019) - Use streaming music as a music discovery tool. Roon Radio with Roon integrated streaming services is a great way to discover new artists, new music, and who's playing near you. Learn how Dismal Manor uses Roon, Qobuz, and Tidal to guide live and recorded music purchases.
  • Allo Digione gets a Face (4/4/2019) - Give your Raspberry Pi Roon endpoint a pretty face and some skills. This article describes the additional tricks needed to add a display to a Allo DigiOne Signature Roon Endpoint.
  • MacOS Software Defined Radio with GQRX and RTL-SDR (3/30/2019) - You too can replace a $50 weather radio with a $2000 computer and a $25 USB TV tuner. This article chronicles the Moocher's first attempts to answer this question. Warning, some of it gets a bit geeky talking about FFT window functions.

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