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This page is an archive of recent posts about home audio.

  • Hope for Home Pod? (10/21/2020) - A review of Apple HomePod AirPlay connection issues. HomePod is a pain as a music delivery device but sings sweet when it does manage to connect.
  • LRS Comes for Good (10/7/2020) - Further Magneplanar LRS listening impressions including how they render some classic rock material. What works, what falls flat, and some speculation as to why.
  • Aunt Nancy’s Gift Arrives (9/25/2020) - Aunt Nancy Pelosi pays for a pair of Magneplanar LRS loudspeakers. They are magical acoustic music speakers. Learn more about them after the led.
  • Study System! (9/4/2020) - An impulse purchase led to rearrangement of the study rack to make room for Magni, Modi, and Mani giving a proper little study system.
  • Mani Drops In (9/2/2020) - Schiit Audio Mani added to the Dismal HiFi Mani is a phono preamplifier, a very clever one built from carefully selected integrated circuit operational amplifiers. Dead quiet and very neutral in sound.
  • Balanced Audio Connections (8/22/2020) - A quick introduction to balanced audio connections and their use in home music playback systems.
  • Schiit Audio Modius comes for good (8/18/2020) - Modius Comes for Good A second look at Modius and introduction of Magnius, a $200 balanced headphone amplifier. These are ideal for a study system or personal listening in a shared space. I use my Modius for TV and streaming radio playback. It makes a difference.
  • Introducing Modius (7/17/2020) - Sorry, no schitty puns today. Just the introduction of a new Dismal Manor resident, Modius, a high value DAC that plays radio and TV audio here.
  • What to do with My CARES Act stimulus payment? (6/11/2020) - Magnaplanar LRS Stock image courtesy of Magnepan. The CARES Act, in an effort to keep US residents whole during the early days of the SARS-COV2 pandemic, gives each tax payer and social security recipient $650 to spend as they will. Not needing it to make ends meet, I decided to direct my stimulus grant to […]
  • Vidar Invades Camp Dismal (5/19/2020) - Vidar Invades Camp Dismal He came two days early and sounds like Schiit. That is to say, neutral with laser focus and clean, natural articulation. Vidar makes good sources sing sweetly yet will show up mediocre recordings and front end componentss.