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This page is an archive of recent posts about home audio.

  • Dave Rolls over a ROCK (4/5/2023) - The NUC came in System76 livery. Dave installs RoonOS and Roon Server and gets things going. Roon ROCKS on a ROCK. Sorry about that...
  • ROON Update Planned (3/16/2023) - Roon Labs calls Roon "The audiophile player for music fanatics" There's something to that. With Roon, the jazz world is larger than without. Dave is upgrading the Roon Server to simplify our installation and meet Roon recommendations.
  • Modius Mystery (11/9/2021) - Audio system mysteries can take you to some strange places. This post describes troubleshooting a MacOS Monterey USB Audio 2 problem. The issue first presented as a non-functioning SPDIF input on one of our DACS.
  • An Inexpensive Streamer (9/24/2021) - Looking for an inexpensive streamer? The Retired Moocher, in an act of faith, recommends one he has not heard based on trusted reviews and personal experience with a related product.
  • OMG, Apple Music is Good! But not Perfect (6/26/2021) - Apple makes lossless transfer its fixed network delivery standard. On playback, the original Red Book master results. And it is quite good.
  • Apple Music Lossless? (6/11/2021) - Apple Music at Dismal Manor Well it is free. Apple One Premier lets you have any several Apple online services for $30/month. I had TV+, iCLoud 2TB, and News for $30 already so took a bite of the Apple One apple adding Music.
  • M1 iMac Pre-Purchase Planning (5/4/2021) - This post walks through the things to be considered when purchasing an M1 Mac. It covers display, memory, storage, and port planning for audio and video production applications.
  • Roon Core Saga (3/7/2021) - Roon Core Saga Our Roon Core guest OS had not been updated in 2 years. This turned out to be a bit of extra work the guest OS was not a long term support version.
  • Roon Core on a NAS??? (2/28/2021) - This post describes an couple of alternatives to shoehorning Roon Core into a NAS virtual environment. The advent of the 2021 Mac Mini offers a new and attractive alternative.
  • Maggie Extends Her Dismal Manor Visit (2/21/2021) - Maggie has been part of the Dismal Manor Gang for 5 months and is well settled in. Learn how we coaxed her to sing sweetly. Placement, room treatment, some EQ magic, etc. and HD Audio scam rant.