Favorite Recipes

Now that I’m retired and have time to cook, I’ve been trying new recipes. These come from several sources

These sites let me save favorite recipes but some are my own because I’ve modified them or borrowed from several.

Luke, the Whole Foods cooking coach (that’s the title on his card), is a trained chef who periodically demonstrates food preparation. Each Saturday, he prepares a featured recipe in the store and has printed copies available for you to try. To save these, they have to be typed and kept somewhere.

Luke is a member of the Food 52 site and has a public recipe trove at the site that includes the recipes he demos. The recipes in this collection are the originals contributed by Luke or other Food52 subscribers and will not include any tinkering with the recipe that Luke did for the in-store presentation. To catch these tweaks, I’ve made my write-ups from Luke’s in-store handouts rather than from the Food52 originals.

The ingredient lists come from Luke’s handouts. I’ve revised the method based on my personal experience making the recipe and post preparation discussion with Luke about the results. I’ve tired to organize each recipe in a logical manner for beginning cooks and to explain the key steps to successfully reproducing and serving the dish. The times for steps like sauté can vary depending on the amount of material (just what is a medium onion?) and the amount of moisture content. So I try to describe the end state of the step. Continue the process until you reach that state. The time is only a guess (often not measured by the author of the original).




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