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Second Life, Web Hacking Edition

To keep busy, I’ve been doing web sites for two non-profits, my church and the local Road Scholar Lifetime Learning Institute Network affiliate sponsored by Old Dominion University. ┬áBoth web sites were in need of updates for the brave new world of iPhone and iPad. Neither site was responsive and both had become disorganized as the sponsor’s activities grew in scale and complexity.

Retired Live

Second Life, Google Apps Edition

After responding to questions from a fellow Unitarian Universalist Association Congregation, I’ve updated this article to make it a better reference for other UUA congregations and small non-profits. The changes include addition of references and a how we should have done it section.

So, what have I been up to these past four months? A lot of goofing off to find a new normal and a bit of ┬ánon-profit hacking for my church’s communications committee. Unitarian Church of Norfolk, like most 200 member churches, needs significant technical infrastructure but is not large enough to provide it organically. Our solution has been to subscribe to Google Apps which provides E-mail, Google Groups, Google Drive, Google Analytics, and other services to non-profits.