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Duvet Filling

Dismal Wizard reveals his secret technique for putting a duvet back together after washing the cover.

Have you ever tried to wash up a Duvet? Have you ever tried to reassemble it afterward? Did you say bad words? Most likely.

Dismal Wizard consulted with aunts who confessed that they gave them to the Salvation Army after washing. Great shades of the Superman 3 villain played by Robert Vaughn.

Dismal Wizard figured out how to do it finally. He calls his secret technique “The Jelly Roll”.


Wash the cover, and if you wish the innards and dry same in the washer. DW likes the bulky stuff cycles. If you want Martha Stewart points, iron the cover when it comes out. I’ve only done this once so the following technique is subject to future improvement.

Prepare the filling

Prepare the duvet filling for insertion into the cover as follows.

  • Put the duvet filling on the bed long wise with the open edge accessible.
  • Start at the foot, roll up the filling as a big long jelly roll.
  • The tongue end of the roll will be at the head.
His Royal Majesty on the old cover

Stuffing the Duvet

In this part, we introduce the duvet filling and the cover and get the filling unrolled and in place.

  • Slip the duvet jelly roll into the cover with the tongue down and slide it toward which ever end is near.
  • Get the tongue up to the end edge as best you can.
  • Gently unroll the jelly roll toward the other end of the cover.
  • The more carefully you do this, the less messing around to finish.
  • Close up the duvet cover side fasteners, usually snaps or buttons.
  • Neaten everything up.
Lord Rocky on the new bed

By davehamby

A modern Merlin, hell bent for glory, he shot the works and nothing worked.