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A summary of new 2020 Theme editorial changes to Dismal Manor Dispatches.

I did a bit tinkering with the blog to update it for the theme change and to revise the sadly dated About page. The big change visually was to make the footer more compact and to add my Creative Commons license grant at the bottom. The CC grant is a carry over from the old theme.

About revised.

The second thing I did was to revise the About page. It was sadly out of date so I revised it to reflect what I was doing with the blog now. It really changed its mission after I retired. Now I write mostly about hobby-related topics but try to write about them in ways that are different from the more common content on commercial sites and YouTube channels. I try to fill in the gaps between product announcements and detailed procedural guides.

  • Why use this at home?
  • How to use this at home?
  • Why do I have this gadget?
  • How does it fit my goals?
  • What did I consider when I chose this particular gadget?

Menus revised

The third thing I did was to fix the menus. They were just plain boneheaded. All of the site content is now in posts assigned to categories. This is deliberate so I don’t have to maintain a page tree of static content. You can find things using the site search and categories. The “Menu” is really just a list of the high count categories that WordPress generated for me. It is static though so if I start writing about budgies (parakeets) a lot, I’ll have to add a menu link for the topic. What the menu does is to filter the posts appearing on the home page to those in the category.

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