Rapid advancement: Now Rocky the Restless

A rogue shows off some of the photos from his first 2 weeks as a companion.

I don’t think I’m ever going to live down this roach. It was epic apparently. Oh, and there is video. Just not here. Moocher has threatened to work on that.

The roach. I’m good at it and quite animated in assuming the position.

I’ve had a promotion from Rocky the Gormless to Rocky the Restless. Apparently, I’m no longer dumb as a rock. I’ve learned my name, I have a bit of a recall, I’m kenneling, I’m getting my table manners down, and getting along with big sister, mostly. And I’ve mastered Missy’s wet Willie technique of rousing the Moocher to use the loo while he is asleep. Missy says this is really important!

The restless bit comes from my fascination with the blighter behind all the shinny surfaces at eye level. I keep barking at the blighter and asking to go out to run him off. Moocher is going crazy.

I’ll be 4 on May 27 so Moocher has another year of adolescent behavior to endure. Most of us grow up in year 5. Moocher would like to keep me playful. He takes advantage of my curiosity and playfulness to redirect me with a squeaky toy when I am making mischief.

There be photos after the break. And the link for the adoption charity nearest Bill.


  1. Charlotte area adoption charity near Beach Mountain, NC.

Rogues Gallery

Moocher spoke with cousin Bill Watson who lives in Beach Mountain NC and just lost his “Weneeda” dog (“We need another dog like we need another hole in the head”, Seriously!). Anyway, Bill is considering bringing his pack back to two and asked about me. And wanted to see some photos. Bill’s E-mail and Google Hangouts addresses have gone missing so I thought I’d have Moocher post some here for him. Heaven knows, the pandemic and the termination of race wagering in Florida have put 5000 of us on the street.

My crate, a Dhalquist DQ-10, and me. I’m about 29 inches at the withers. That is to say, your supper is at snout level.
I’m irresistibly cute! I’m a black parti-colored hound with ticking. That is one of 18 combinations of color and pattern that the National Greyhound Association uses in the registry.
Telling off the tree thieves. There was a wood chipper working just to the right of the window. Hideous things.
I have “baboon butt”. That is to say, I’m bald back aft. That is hereditary and makes me look interesting. In comparison, my predecessor had actual rump hair.
Here you can see my splotchy ears. Some say that they make me look cute. The resident chick has not offered an opinion. But she did round on me for chasing her in the garden. I was properly told off but she didn’t go to teeth.
Taking a break with me precious. Moocher calls it a “Wobbly KONG.” The bottom is threaded to allow filling, It’s rounded and weighted. and there is a penny sized hole in the side. Moocher puts some of my kibble in and gives it to me for his amusement. I get pretty frenzied in my efforts to extract the goodies. Invariably it ends up in an inaccessible location under the Kuranda cot or the love seat. Do not mess with me precious! Isn’t that right, Missy? There was some hair pulling and a greyhound scream of death. Very dramatic, Missy. No harm, no foul, right?
Moocher was making seared scallops. This will give you a sense of my size and the implications for your supper. Oh, and remember that photo of me barking at the zombies stealing our trees. I can stand on my hind legs! Yes, I am a work top raider. And I did dare a taste. Ouch!

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