Rocky Arrives

“I’ve come for good” to steal a line from twitter@bonesnorah. I just can’t pass up a good pun. Thanks, Norah.

Ahoy, I’m Rocky, the Dismal Manor FUNGIE (don’t ask). On March 27 I was in a racing kennel at the Jacksonville, Florida track. On Saturday, I was loaded up on an airport shuttle bus become dog hauler and transported to GreytLove in Hanover, VA. The nice folks at James River Greyhounds found me a home at Dismal Manor with the retired Moocher and Missy.



Me at Greyhound-Data

That’s me. According to the tables, there is some Unruly further back. Greyhound Data also has my race stats and litter mate info.

I think I made a good first impression

I’m outgoing and curious and physically clever. I’m also a work top thief. Counter top height is eye level for me and I have a superb nose for food. Especially when I’ve had an empty stomach for a day while on the haul. I’m pretty clingy at the moment but I’m starting to feel secure here at the Manor. First night, I piled into the not so big bed with the Moocher. Second night, I slept on the Kuranda cot over the air-con vent. Tuesday morning, I stayed on my cot in the living room and allowed Moocher to eat his brekkie without interruption by a food thieving worktop raiding greyhound.

The first four days are all about deciding to keep the Moocher and Dismal Manor. I’m pretty sure I’ve “come for good” as Moocher has been kind but firm and the eats are pretty good here.

How I Came for Good

Yep, I have a pirate eye patch and lots of ticking that looks kind of navy blue.

There’s stuff happening in people land. They are having a plague (COVID-19). Plague control measures closed Florida racing in March displacing this hot running dog (95 races with 24 in the money, 8/8/8). I had expected to complete the year and pet out in 2021 but the virus forced matters in Florida.

Nick left for the bridge in December and Missy and Moocher had both been acting lonely so, in February, the Moocher joined the adopter queue at James River Greyhounds. In late March, Greyt Love made a dog run and JRG matched me up with the Dismal Manor gang. Moocher retrieved me on March 29 and I’ve been settling in.

US Greyhound Underground Railroad

In the US we have a strong network of adoption charities and strong infrastructure for getting dogs from where they retire to where there are willing adopters. James River Greyhounds and Greyt Love are part of that infrastructure. These two charities are a bit unusual in that they are dynamic clubs that can turn out 50 members to receive the dog hauler when it arrives. The two clubs work together. Greyt Love acquires, transports and houses dogs. James River Greyhounds works primarily on the publicity and adoption side. The two groups complement each other nicely.

Greyt Live is unusual in that it has its own hauler that a local fire fighter engine driver drives the hauler for dog hauls. Greyt Love is also unusual in that it has a nice kennel building with turnout pen.

Not Business as Usual

James River Greyhounds has suspended meet and greet events as the public health measures in effect don’t permit this club gatherings. They are working referral backlog and potential adopters continue to apply via website.

Greyt Love continues to operate the kennel but with a reduced one at a time volunteer schedule that minimizes volunteer to volunteer contact. Public visiting and the weekend group dog walk are canceled for the duration of the public health emergency.

Adoptions are occurring outdoors at the Greyt Love grounds in Hanover with one volunteer and one adopter participating. The adoption agreement and payment are prepared ahead so only dog interview and turnover brief are needed. Most adopting via this procedure are experienced greyhound people so show and tell is limited to specific needs of the dog being adopted.

Oh, I have Hooks!

Speaking of specific needs, I have hookworms. Florida hook worms have become resistant to most of the standard hook worm prophylaxis medications so I’m on a 2 medication protocol that alternates two of the newer heartworm preventive products to control my hooks. Moocher is trying to pick up the yard daily to limit hook worm build-up in the soil.

Hook transmission is via ingestion. Fortunately, Missy’s taste is for rabbit poo, not mine. And to people by walking barefoot. Hook worms had been a problem in the south until county building codes required latrines, on-site septic systems, or off-site sewage system participation.

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