Blue Suede Shoes Update

Nick adds to his footwear collection in search of assistive footwear that stays on and stays in position. In this article, we review what we have tried and what we are about to try, RuffWear Summit boots.

Nick continues to experiment with footwear. In the previous episode, I mentioned that the RuffWear boots I bought 14 years ago were moving around so the slippery part was down. Upon investigation, I discovered that his boots were the old size L(arge. They are a good inch wider than his foot allowing them to roll.

Nick in original RuffWear boots

Since I bought those boots for Nut, RuffWear has redesigned the product line. The new boots are sized in 0.25 inch increments and sizing instructions are to measure foot width and buy the size closest to but smaller than the foot width measurement. Measure all feet to be shod and use the largest size. Nick measures 2.125 inches so he’d wear a 2.0.

So, today I ordered RuffWear Summit boots in bright green.




I order my RuffWear tack from 2 places, REI which has a local shop or directly from RuffWear. If you order from Amazon, take care that Amazon is the fulfillment agent and not an Amazon platform partner. Platform partners often sell counterfeit goods and Amazon does not ride herd on them. Your only recourse is to return the goods to Amazon and order from a Amazon itself or a different Amazon partner. Fortunately, Amazon makes both Amazon and partner returns easy if Amazon is the fulfillment agent.

Why boots?

Properly fitted boots allow Nick to control his feet. The extra ground friction replaces the forces his limb stabilizers would normally provide allowing him to keep his feet under him while walking on wood and tile floors. They remain comfortable and allow him to dismount the porch by vaulting the steps to the ground. They improve his gate on the ground also. Nick has increased the distance he is walking indoors and out.

Why a new order?

The socks wouldn’t stay on. The socks were hard to reinstall. But functionally, they improved Nick’s gait and stance allowing him to walk on the wood and tile floors.

Why replace the 14 year old RuffWear boots?

The old RuffWear boots were lightly worn, why replace them? Simply, they kept rolling over. When properly positioned, they did what Nick needs. They stop his feet from slipping on our oak and tile floors. Nick’s confidence is improved and he is walking much more and seems happier with functional feet.

What I expect with the new.

The new have molded Vibram soles, the same material used in human footwear. If properly sized, they should be comfortable and the sole should remain positioned to be in contact with the floor or ground.

If properly sized, they should slip on and the sole should remain below the pads. They secure with Velcro so they should stay on.

These boots are good for foot protection from walking on hot cement and tarmac. They also protect feet from ice melt salts causing dry and cracking pads. Your dog may also require a wax-based chapping preventive treatment if the pads dry and crack without ice melt exposure.

If exposed to ice melt, the boots can be machine washed and air dried by placing them atop the warm dryer casing to speed drying.

In early December, I’ll give an update.

RuffWear Fan here?

Yes, indeed. We first met RuffWear when we bought some early leads in 2003. These are simply the best leads available from a function point of view. Over the years, we have used folding trekking bowls, various toys, and most recently, the Webmaster harness to assist Nick with mobility over obstacles .

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