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Colicky iPad

I dropped it once too often. Black tape holds the glass bits in at the border. And it is getting colicky, generally by becoming unresponsive at odd times. I’m trying to hold out until the Fall to replace the critter because Apple will freshen the product line some time in October. This offers a couple of advantages: I can get the newest product or I can pick up the 2014 iPad at a discount. Either is attractive as the current one is an iPad 2 32 bit only machine. Eventually, Apple will loose interest in making IOS updates for this older 32 bit hardware.

What I’ve tried

  1. Back up to iTunes
  2. Weed media (magazines and book)
  3. Multiple restarts along the way until the storage summary looked good in iTunes
  4. Yet another backup
  5. IOS restore


I working on two.

  • It just needs a good weeding and software restore.
  • One too many encounters with the hard has addled its brains (cracked trace or surface mount bond)

Maybe I can send it off to Cousin Kory for baking. I hope it just needs an IOS restore and app reload to make it good. We’ll see.

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