Introducing Speedy

Not another greyhound! No. That’s him on the masthead image. Speedy is part of the Chrysler Museum’s ( permanent collection. Speedy is proudly on display in the center of one of the sculpture galleries so you can walk around him to admire his physique. Speedy is cast in aluminum and handsomely anodized to a nice blue color from the palate of the real thing.

This photo is one I took on a visit to the museum using an iPhone 6+. The 6+ camera is nothing short of amazing in its freedom from noise, color fidelity, sharpness, and ease of use. You can’t do bokey (depth of field tricks) but you can take a damned good photograph with proper attention to composition, a proper grip, and use of the volume buttons as shutter release. Grip the camera with a finger on either button but not the standby button. Squeeze gently to trip the exposure and this camera will reward you with a sharp photo.

I used the on-board Photo application to realize this image. Just basic adjustments to darken the image and crop it some for the masthead. I did the crop here on The exposure correction in camera post processing.

Speedy has a story that you can look up. It turns out that his sculptor is well regarded and that Speedy is a primary example of the use of anodized aluminum as a statue medium. And I just thought he was a stout hound!

By davehamby

A modern Merlin, hell bent for glory, he shot the works and nothing worked.