One Thing

April 1’st Unitarian Church of Norfolk service was a lay service conducted by the youth group. Their theme was making the world a better place one small act at a time. No sixties grandiosity, just ten’s pragmatism — do the doable, it will matter to this one. The youth carried this theme through the service beautifully in all of its elements. One, Eric Vick, is a budding singer songwriter who killed the following original work.

One Thing

why make a change?
Why do anything?
That’s all i hear coming out of this world
why make a change?
it won’t do anything.
the worlds as crummy as it’ll ever get
that’s all i hear when i walk down the streets,
that’s all i hear when i turn on the news.
this is what we say, to the world.

you can’t save them all, well what about just one.
which one is good enough, which one deserves it.
i can’t save them all, but I’ll go ahead with it.
I’ll choose this one, and know its worth it.

Negativity, shouldn’t slow us down
we are the molders and builders of earth
our thoughts provoke, and sway their minds
what would you say if i told you one thing?
one small change could do, great things.

One Thing copyright by Eric Vick, used by permission. Eric Vick Hampton Roads teen, not the Eric Vick at

This service closed to a standing ovation and was easily the best since my return to UCN in June 2010. Bravo Zulu teens.

By davehamby

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