Personal Computing

The Moocher has messed around with computers since college when he learned Fortran programming and messed around with the school’s IBM 360/50 and hacked code for an Interdata Model 4 in graduate school. Other computers I’ve sued include the CDC 600o and 7000 families, the Amiga, and various Macs. Posts about my recent experiences with Macs and iThings appear below.

  • Introducing Fantastical Calendar (10/10/2020) - Dismal Wizard auditioned another calendar. He likes this one enough to open his wallet. Find out what he didn't like about Apple's calendar and how Fantastical closes the gap
  • New Apple Calendar? (10/3/2020) - Do you like the new iOS 14 Apple Calendar's event creation UI? Well, there is a competent alternative, OneCalendar from a small Dutch company that provides the essentials in a smooth way.
  • TrueNAS Core 12.0 RC1 Arrives (9/19/2020) - TrueNAS Core 12.0 RC1 Arrives On Friday, DW updated the FreeNAS server to TrueNAS Core 12.0 RC1. Our use cases are simple so risk was low. The post describes what we encountered -- TrueNAS is the same but different. Mostly UI reorganization and User Guide rewrite. We're up and alive and well.
  • MacOS Catalina Stability? (7/26/2020) - MacOS Catalina is becoming increasingly colicky at Dismal Manor. Symptoms include kernel panics, application hard runs. User mail file corrupt or busy, etc. Most issues seem file system related. This post describes things we have tried to minimize issues.
  • Mister Fancy Pants (6/15/2020) - A quick Rocky update and some fun with Apple iOS 13 Clips App with Twitter friends
  • Alternative Twitter Apps (11/2/2019) - Development of the official Twitter mobile app has gone off into the weeds for many users. This article compares and contrasts two alternatives available in the Apple universe.
  • Schiit Pi? (10/3/2019) - What happens if you mash up a Raspberry Pi, Schiit Modi 3, and Schiit Magni, with some Sennheiser HD555 cans? Read to find out.
  • A house call goes wrong (7/2/2019) - How not to do a WiFi network update. What happened, the back story, and hot wash. Never ever manage a WiFi network from a WiFi only laptop!
  • Installing Unifi In-Wall Access points (6/11/2019) - The Moocher describes setup of UniFi WiFi at Dismal Manor. The Netgear Orbi was having random fades and was not graceful handling MDNS. UniFI SDN WiFi is. Read to learn about our home deployment.
  • Moving to Unifi USG Router (5/10/2019) - This article describes migration of the Dismal Manor network to a new gateway and access point. The article focuses on the motivations and benefits of the change rather than the switchology.