Personal Computing

The Moocher has messed around with computers since college when he learned Fortran programming and messed around with the school’s IBM 360/50 and hacked code for an Interdata Model 4 in graduate school. Other computers I’ve sued include the CDC 600o and 7000 families, the Amiga, and various Macs. Posts about my recent experiences with Macs and iThings appear below.

  • Mastodon, the New Kid in Town (4/29/2022) - Dismal Manor Gang has set up an outpost at to test the waters. Here, we introduce Mastodon to our readers.
  • On Computer Access Security (3/4/2022) - Remember "Crimson Tide" where XO gives the young radioman the keys to the submarine? Where are the keys to your online kingdom? Here we explore one approach
  • A Tale of Two Password Managers (2/27/2022) - Dismal Manor uses unique passwords for all log-ins, keeps passwords in an independent password manager, and to use 2 factor authentication, preferably a physical key where we can. This article describes the Dismal Manor practices.
  • Peabody is in the house (2/17/2022) - Dismal Wizard commissions Peabody, our new TrueNAS Core storage server. Peabody is a TrueNAS MiniX 5 slot system configured for file service and Roon Core service. This posts contrasts Peabody's comissioning with that of our home brew server.
  • Planning Peabody’s Pool Structure (2/4/2022) - Planning Peabody's storage pool structure. How to organize a TrueNAS pool to support several MacOS hosts and Apple Time Machine.
  • The WayBack Machine goes wobbly (1/20/2022) - Our wayback machine is going wobbly. Dismal Wizard attempts to fix it. With apparent success.
  • Skylum Luminar Product Family (11/29/2021) - Photography at Dismal Manor largely supports the Greyhound's Twitter habit. Images illustrate daily life tweets and replies to those we follow. We aim to highlight greyhounds in the retired companion role in hopes that more consider them as a next dog.
  • MacOS Monterey, Apple Silicon Edition (11/21/2021) - MacOS Monterey 12.0.1 is a incremental improvement over Big Sur. This post reports several facets of the Monterey user experience.
  • Modius Mystery (11/9/2021) - Audio system mysteries can take you to some strange places. This post describes troubleshooting a MacOS Monterey USB Audio 2 problem. The issue first presented as a non-functioning SPDIF input on one of our DACS.
  • TeXmacs (10/21/2021) - Somebody got computer algebra in my computer typesetting system! Introducing TeXmacs and its friends.