Personal Computing

The Moocher has messed around with computers since college when he learned Fortran programming and messed around with the school’s IBM 360/50 and hacked code for an Interdata Model 4 in graduate school. Other computers I’ve sued include the CDC 600o and 7000 families, the Amiga, and various Macs. Posts about my recent experiences with Macs and iThings appear below.

  • TeXmacs (10/21/2021) - Somebody got computer algebra in my computer typesetting system! Introducing TeXmacs and its friends.
  • An Inexpensive Streamer (9/24/2021) - Looking for an inexpensive streamer? The Retired Moocher, in an act of faith, recommends one he has not heard based on trusted reviews and personal experience with a related product.
  • Cox IPv6 at Home? (6/15/2021) - This article describes how to set the IPv6 DHCP6 "prefix delegation size" field in a Cox residential IPv6 environment.
  • And the baby’s name is “Fruit Machine” (6/3/2021) - This post describes the work flow I used to prepare the Fruit Machine for production. I also describe my first impressions of it as a photo editor and video editor.
  • Air Tags? (5/9/2021) - My first tracker experience was disappointing. The tracker chosen failed at all of its use cases. Implementation was so weak that it could not be found in the laundry, a major use case as modern car keys cost way more than trackers.
  • M1 iMac Pre-Purchase Planning (5/4/2021) - This post walks through the things to be considered when purchasing an M1 Mac. It covers display, memory, storage, and port planning for audio and video production applications.
  • House of Worship Streaming Video Production System (5/1/2021) - What does it take to live stream and record a worship service. My church is looking at developing this capability to help us transition from Zoom meetings to full live services. Here's what we found it would take.
  • HomeBridge (4/3/2021) - Do you have HomeKit Secure Video Cameras? Do you have some others? Do you wish you could see them all in Home App. Well you can using HomeBridge and the proper plugin.
  • UniFiOS, The Missing Manual (3/31/2021) - It initially appeared that Ubiquity had overlooked UniFi controller access during an Internet fade. In working a ticket with Ubiquity support, the missing capability is indeed there but undocumented.
  • UniFi OS Login Issue (3/23/2021) - The good folks at Ubiquity overlooked Murphy and his Laws when they designed the new UniFiOS authentication system. The change has system integrators up in arms and looking for alternatives. What did Ubiquity do and what are the consequences?