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Recipes have been a bit of a quandary. If I blog them, they disappear. If I put them in a static page, they don’t get publicized. Then I discovered display posts short code which lets me include post excerpts in a page.

  • Make a Crumble (12/3/2020) - An Internet recipe that works! Making a traditional crumble is quick, the product a tasty antioxidant rich desert that uses early summer berries. Serves four to six.
  • Southern Chicken Bog (2/14/2016) - Luke Murden, Whole Foods Cooking Coach, demoed this recipie in the summer of 2015. It is quite tasty so I kept it until I had an urge to go off the vegetarian reservation for a while. With 3 batches of Food52 Lentils and Sausage soup left, it seemed like a good time to make this […]
  • What the Hey Do You Do with Dried Beans? (1/19/2015) - Several weeks ago, Luke Murden, our 757 Whole Foods Cooking Coach, demoed preparation of Swedish brown beans. These medium sized beans have a mahogany color and make a delightful thick stock as they cook. I grabbed a copy of Luke’s recipe, stuffed it in a jacket pocket, and hid it. A couple of weeks later, […]
  • Bread by the numbers (1/28/2014) - Bread by the numbers gives my favorite bread recipe. This recipe is a mash up of the basic white bread from Joy of Cooking and the learning recipe from the book Bread Alone and cooking ratios. By knowing the ratios, remembering the recipe becomes easy. I’ve been doing some WordPress hacking the past couple of days. The […]
  • And The Priest Fainted Lentil Soup (1/21/2014) - I have no idea why I named it thus other than to warn you that this is not Mom’s Lentil Soup. It has a good bit of other stuff in it as inspired by several recipes for lentil soup that I found on the Internet. I know, Internet recipes are risky. Often they assume experience […]
  • Hopped Up Hoppin’ John (12/25/2013) - Dreading the thought of another New Year’s Day meal of bland black eyed peas and boiled beyond recognition collards. Fear not, there is hope with Whole Foods Luke’s Hopped Up Hoppin’ John and Dave’s Yankee Greens from last winter. Ingredients I’ve listed the ingredients in the order of addition. The evening before preparation, measure out […]
  • Yankee Greens (1/28/2012) - My new diet requires me to eat more salad stuff. With just me to feed, I’m losing a lot of salad greens to decay before they are consumed. Keep them too long and you risk garbage gut so I needed to find an alternative. On impulse, I bought a pound of Trader Joe’s mixed greens […]